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  • Pure Moringa Oil

Pure Moringa Natural Beauty Oil 30ml

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Product Description

Pure Moringa Natural Beauty Oil

Approximately 90% of all changes in skin are due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet light not only damages the DNA in the cells of the skin, but also inhibits the repair mechanisms that repair damaged skin cells. As skin becomes less elastic, it also becomes drier and underlying fat padding begins to disappear. With the loss of underlying support by fat padding and connective tissues, the skin begins to sag; it appears less supple and wrinkles form. After many years of research, scientists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons have discovered that a variety of natural ingredients and vitamin extracts significantly help to slow down and even reverse the signs of aging skin.

Vitamin A (Retinol) - Topical Vitamin A has been suggested to help build collagen fibers within the skin in addition to its more superficial exfoliating property. This is the basis for its use in minimizing the appearance of fine wrinkle lines. Moringa contains 4 times the vitamin A of Carrot. Help to build collagen fibres.

Vitamin C - Vitamin C or ascorbic acid acts as an antioxidant and is considered vital in wound healing because it aids in stabilizing collagen. When applied topically, vitamin C can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and may lessen the severity of sunburns. Vitamin C is critical for wound repair, for any type of tissue maintenance, and that applies to your skin. Getting the right nutrients is vital for repairing skin and getting new healthy cells to replace the damaged ones. Moringa contains 0.5 times the vitamin C of orange.

Vitamin E - Vitamin E is another antioxidant that shows to have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. When applied topically, vitamin E has been shown to improve moisturizing, softness and smoothness and also provides modest photo protection.

It is well known that most of the antioxidants and free radical neutralizers that have been used in cosmetic compositions for anti aging benefits are absorbed quickly into deeper layers of skin, and then transported away by bloodstream. Moringa Oil with antioxidants or free radical neutralizers can be temporarily bound to skin surface to retard their penetration into deeper layers of skin and provide extra-cellular antioxidant or free-radical neutralizing benefits.

A combination of antioxidants is more effective than a single antioxidant on an equal weight basis due to antioxidant cascade mechanism. Moringa with more than 46 antioxidants makes it an effective antioxidant. Moringa oil is a very stable carrier which is highly nutritious to the skin and similar in composition to olive oil but much lighter. It is a powerful natural antioxidant with excellent skin smoothing properties.

Moringa oil soothes and softens the skin. It moisturizes and revitalizes chronic dry skin, sometimes subject to itching or flaking. It also has nourishing and emollient properties giving it benefits for use in skin and hair care products. Moringa oil is rich in oleic acid with excellent moisturizing, cleansing and nourishing properties makes this ideal for use in skincare, hair care, soap and massage products. To know more scientific details and commercial value of this rare oil visit moringaoil.com

All Organics uses this purifying and detoxifying action in personal care products. Available in Soap, Shampoo, Body Wash, Feminine Wash, Coffee Moringa Body Scrub, Body Butter, Hand and Body Lotion and Massage Oil.

Moringa Body Butter

With Shea Butter and Moringa Oil and Extract. Experience moisture like no other. No sticky after feel.
Available in 100g jar.

Moringa Coffee Salt Scrub

Detoxify and exfoliate with a blend of Epsom salts, Oatmeal, Coffee and Moringa Oil.
It improves blood circulation and helps remove toxins.
Leaves skin soft, supple and ready for the next step of moisturization.
Available in 100g jar.

Moringa Massage Oil

Be pampered with Moringa Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil and Chamomile Oil. Relaxes muscles and leaves skin moisturized.
Available in 250ml and 130ml bottle.

Moringa Shampoo

Treat hair to the best cleansing and moisturizing.
Does not contain sulfates, parabens and PEG
Available in 200ml and 100ml bottle

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