Organic Soaps


Our soaps are made using the cold process of saponification.We use combination of oils that are beneficial to skin, like Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil. We do not use soap hardeners, bubble enhancers, artificial skin softeners. Aside from essential oils, we also use fragrance oils to enhance the scent of the soap. After all, we do take a bath to smell good! We take pride in the character of each and every soap we make.

We use natural coloring on some variants, for the others, we use iron oxides or food colors. This enhances the look of the soaps, so you do not see whites and browns only. There had been a lot of debates regarding the use of parabens as preservative. We took it upon ourselves to not use parabens. Instead, we use preservatives that are considered of organic source, that are non-formaldehyde reactor, does not cause accumulation, and are bio-degradable.

When keeping All Organic soaps for a long time, remove from plastic and store inside your cabinet. We make soaps daily - this is because we make them in small batches, with no machines, so we do not use electricity. We do not burn fossil fuel in making them.

NO animal testing were done on our soaps. We test them on ourselves, our family and staff and their families.

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