Milea's Loyalty Program

Welcome to! This site is operated by Milea Bath and Body Wellness Essentials, Manila, Philippines.

By agreeing to join Milea’s Loyalty Program, you will be agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions stated below.

I hereby apply to be a member of Milea's Loyalty Program and the information I provide to the Milea Loyalty Program will namely enable Milea to: 
(a) keep track of my purchase records,
(b) allocate points according to my purchase records,
(c) update me periodically about Milea's sales program through which I may earn loyalty points, and,
(d) update Milea's profiling of customer preferences so that Milea may be able to serve consumers better.

I also consent to:
(a) Milea's collection and use of the data required by Milea's Loyalty Program application form, and,
(b) the Milea Loyalty Program terms and conditions set out below, and to Milea’s data protection parameters set out below, and,
(c) Milea sharing the same information within Milea's other businesses, for the purposes stated above.


1.The Milea loyalty program intended for use with Milea products allows you to accumulate points, based on purchases you make at Milea’s ecommerce stores .

2.Milea reserves the right to delete accumulated points from member accounts after an inactive period of 18 months.

3.Your application herein will not be valid and cannot be stored in our computer file if the information provided on the membership registration form is incomplete and/or illegible, thereby rendering it unusable. Milea reserves the right to change at any time the conditions for Milea’s Loyalty Program.

4.The Milea Loyalty Program allows you, upon registration at to earn points. After 1000 points earned (1 PHP = 1 point), you will receive an electronic discount code that can be used according to the terms and conditions as specified therein.

5.Subject to clause 9 below, this voucher entitles you to a discount on account of all the products available for sale in Milea, unless otherwise specified in the terms and conditions.

6.Milea Loyalty points are not and shall not be used by you as payment. The loyalty points accumulated by you cannot be transferred to any other customer nor exchanged for cash.

7.You may check your Milea Loyalty Program points accumulated by you by visiting:

8.Milea reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions and/or suspend the Milea Loyalty Program. In the event of such modification and/or suspension, Milea will notify its customers via email, as well as communicate this on our website. Customers will not receive any compensation from Milea in the event of modification or suspension of the Milea Loyalty Program.

9.Customers who require Milea to delete the Customer's data from Milea's database will forthwith lose any and all loyalty points accumulated by the Customer in that database and/or linked to his or her Milea Loyalty Card upon the deletion of customer's data from Milea's database.

10.Milea reserves the right to: 
(a) permanently disable or suspend the Milea Loyalty Program and/or Milea Loyalty Card, in the event of fraud or attempted fraud by the Customer or by the member's inappropriate use of the Milea Loyalty Program, and
(b) terminate the Milea Loyalty Program for any reason whatsoever by informing members via email/mail as well as on our website. In which event, members will be given a period of 10 days to use up his or her loyalty points, and upon the expiry of the said period of 10 days, any balance loyalty points unused will be forfeited and invalidated.
(c) In the case of a termination and/or suspension of the Milea Loyalty Program, Milea will NOT be liable to members for unused points.

11.Milea shall not be liable for any system malfunction, system failure or disruption in access to the Milea Loyalty Program, or any consequences, direct or indirect, arising from the same.

12.Milea may at appropriate time and at its sole discretion revise these Terms & Conditions of use at any time by amending this page. Members are therefore advised to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes Milea has made. Members understand and agree that any use of the Milea Loyalty Program after the date on which the Terms & Conditions have changed are subject to the amended Terms & Conditions.

This document was last updated on 28 December 2015.


1.Milea collects data from and about its Customers who join its Milea Loyalty Program only for the following purposes:

(a) to keep track of member's purchase records;
(b) to allocate points according to member's purchase records;
(c) to up-date members about Milea's sales programs (eg. promotions, news, brand offerings etc) through which members may earn loyalty points;
(d) to up-date our profiling of member's preferences so that we may tailor our products and services to serve customers/members better;

2.Milea may from time to time, share such data collected with related companies within the Milea group of companies only. The recipients of the Data (hereafter and above “the Recipients”) can be:

(a) Milea’s employees,
(b) Milea’s providers who need to have access to the Data in order to execute their obligations and deliver their services,
(c) Milea’s subsidiaries, and
(d) the companies which belong to Milea Group.

3.Milea does not guarantee the accuracy of data collected by Milea from its Customers. Customers who wish to scrutinize, amend or delete data relating to him or her, may do so at

 4.Subject to clauses 5 and 6 below, Milea will not disclose Customers' data to any third party,

5.Milea will protect Customers' data for whichever is the earlier of the following:
(a) a period of 100 years after Customer's record is first created in Milea's database records; or
(b) a period of 20 years after the death of a Customer.

However, if a person is no longer member of the Milea Loyalty Program for any reason whatsoever, MILEA may delete Customer's data from the database earlier.

6.Milea shall be entitled to disclose customers/members' data to only the following:
(a) Milea's solicitors for purposes of legal advice, settlement of dispute or litigation to protect Milea's interest;
(b) Milea’s affiliate or subcontractors that managed Milea’s Loyalty Program;
(c) Persons involved in collecting a debt owed by that customer/member to Milea;
(d) Persons identified in a Court subpoena in compliance with any Court subpoena;
(e) Any government institution who has made a lawful request for such data;
(f) To a statistician for scholarly or research purposes; or
(g) Where such disclosure is required by law.

7.Milea reserves the right to delete completely specific Customers' data from Milea's database in the event that the said Customers' membership in Milea's Loyalty Program is terminated and/or cancelled for any reason whatsoever. Milea reserves the right to delete all Customers' data in its database in the event that the Milea Loyalty Program is terminated for any reason whatsoever.

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